Dr. Sergio Uribe E.

Investigación FAME UACh

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Información Académica:

– Cirujano-Dentista, Universidad de Valparaíso 2000.
– Especialista en Radiología Oral y Maxilofacial, Universidad de Valparaíso, 2005.
– Doctor en Ciencias Médicas, Universidad Austral de Chile, 2016.

Interés Científico

My interest is the prediction, diagnosis and treatment of dental caries, particularly in vulnerable populations, applying imaging techniques and risk analysis for diagnosis and prediction and minimally invasive techniques for treatment.

Líneas de Investigación

  • Dental caries: Design and evaluation of preventive and therapeutic interventions, risk caries factors for caries in special populations, diagnosis with focus on imaging techniques.
  • Development and application of Evidence-Based Dentistry for clinical practice and dental education.

Proyectos Vigentes

  • Disease prophylaxis and control Nr.SPKC 2015/26, contract Nr.P/2015-89. Slimību profilakses un kontroles centra (Riga) 2016-01 to 2017-12 | Contract GRANT_NUMBER: P/2015-89
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Publicaciones Relevantes de los últimos 10 años

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FONO: +56 63 229 3761
Email: sergiouribe@uach.cl
Dirección: Instituto de Odontoestomatología, Rudloff 1640, Valdivia, CHILE.
Sitio web personal: sergiouri.be

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